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Download Chamkila vs Justin Beiber -Alfaaz - Honey Singh - 2012- Punjabi Song - Lyrics

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lyrics For the 2012  Chamkila vs Justin Beiber - Alfaaz -  Honey Singh - 2012- Punjabi Song

Tera Mera Sachchi Kudiye Koi Mel Nahi
Tera Mera Sachchi Kudiye Koi Mel Nahi

Kaahton Launi Aaa NI Ewein Jhoote Laarey
Tera Yaar Ta Vadda Shaunki Aa Chamkile Da
Ni Tu Ta Justin Beiber Sunndi Ae Mutiyare

Gaddi Sadi De Dashboard Te Ramla Tohr Naal Behnda
Tera Tutte Jehe Ipod Te Kala Bhaunkda Rehnda
Eh Ta Maada Time Jatt Yamla Saade Vich Nahi
Eh Ta Maada Time Jatt Yamla Saade Vich Nahi
    Nahi to Goreyan Te Paina Si aapa Bhaare
Tera Yaar Ta Vadda Shaunki Ass Chamkile Da
Ni Tu Ta Justin Beiber Sunndi Ae Mutiyare

Manak Sahab Dian Kaliyan Dian Kehda Kar Reesan
Babe Gurdas Dian Maa Boli Te Ne Badia Aseesan
Tinn Bhraa Ta Yaaro Asli Waaris Virse De
Tinn Bhraa Ta Yaaro Asli Waaris Virse De
Vekhda Babbu Maan Ta Dine Dikha Du Taarey

"Honey Singh" Nu Chaska Kehnde Pange Lain Da
"Sartaaj" Bhai Nu Shaunk Aa Gallan Khariyan Kehan Da
"Gippy Grewal" Ta Gall Kare Hathiyara Di
Gippy Grewal Ta Gall Kare Hathiyara Di
Ohh Amrinder Gill Taa Yaaran Da Yaar Ae

Tera Yaar Ta Vadda Shaunki Aa Chamkile Da
Ni Tu Ta Justin Beiber Sunndi Ae Mutiyare

Jazz B Toh Utte Kehda Fashion Karuga
Debi 22 Toh Kehda Geeta Nu Ghadd Luga
"Alfaaz" Nu Ta Gauna Te Likhna Aunda Nahi
"Alfaaz" Nu Ta Gauna Te Likhna Aunda Nahi
Tahion Vadde Veer Ne Galla Kadhe Saare

Tera Yaar Ta Vadda Shaunki Aa Chamkile Da
Ni Tu Ta Justin Beiber Sunndi Ae Mutiyare ....4

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Chamkila vs Justin Beiber

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aishwarya rai and abhishek bachan pictures Collection - Journey from their Marriage

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan
Here is a collection of few beautiful  pictures  of the marriage of a world famous beautiful couple of Aishwarya Rai Bachan and Abhishek Bachan. Check out the journey of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan from the day of her marriage to day a beautiful baby girl came into their life !

Aishwarya Rai Bachan


Ash and Abhishek together after marriage

Newly Born Baby Girl In Bachchan Family
Amitabh Feeling so happy !

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Bollywood Actress Sharmila Tagore was the first Indian actress to wear a bikini

Friday, 27 January 2012

Bollywood Actress Sharmila Tagore was the first Indian actress to wear a bikini in the Movie "An Evening in Paris" in 1967.Later she also posed in bikini for a FilmFare Magazine.

Sharmila Tagore

The Bikini shoot shocked the indian audience but it also set a trend for the Indian bollywood. Later bikini trend was followed by:-

Parveen Babi in "Yeh Nazdeekiyan", 1982.
Parveen Babi

Zeenat Aman in Heera Panna, 1973.
Zeenat Aman

Dimple Kapadia in Bobby, 1973.
Dimple Kapadia

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Seeta Devi - First actress in Bollywood Who had a lip lock kiss

Bollywood First Lip Lock in 1929

First Bollywood Kiss

Seeta Devi
was the first female actress who had a lip locked kiss on Bollywood screen in the movie "A throw of Dice in 1929".The movie was based on an episode from the Indian epic The Mahabharata.A German Born Director " Franz Osten "directed the film and released it on 16 August,1929.
The movie was re released on 13June 2008 in the honor of 60th Anniversary of Indian Independence at the Luminato Festival,Canada.
A throw of Dice

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Unsceen Bollywood Celebrities 2012

Thursday, 26 January 2012

All of you have seen Bollywood stars in movies, in commercial show or on their visit to some parties and all. But do you know the fact why all the Bollywood stars looks so gorgeous and beautiful. Yeah they look beautiful all because of the lighting, flashes and makeup covered over their face. Here is a collection of pictures that are rarely clicked. Check out them and find the difference between celebrities in film life and real life ?

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New Film English Vinglish - Sridevi Making a comeback After 15 years

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Priya Anand in her Debut Role in English Vinglish

English Vinglish is an forthcoming Drama Film, While in the movie Sridevi is making a come back  after 15 years, Priya Anand is making her debut. The film English Vinglish is directed by Gauri Shinde and Produced by R. Balki.In the movie, Along with Sridevi Amitabh Bachchan, Mehdi Nebbou and Adil Hussain  were in their special role.
    In the movie Sridevi is playing the main role for an Indian woman who is married to an American, who enrols in an english learning program to support her family. The whole stories dictates the various critical situations  that tooks place in the way to learn English.

The movie is gathering a lot more media attention as Sridevi is making a comeback after decade. The best part of the movie is the guest appearance of the Great Amitabh Bachchan.Amitabh bachchan and Sridevi will be together after 18 Years.

Priya Anand
Mehdi Nebbou
Adil Hussain
Amitabh Bachchan as Guest Appearance

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Sunny Deol (Ajay Verma) back in Ghayal Returns 2012 Film

Ghayal Returns is an forth coming action movie produced by Dharmendra (vijayta Films) and directed by Rahul Rawail. Ghayal Returns is an sequel of the blockbuster movie Ghayal 1990, but the director Rahul Rawail states that "it will not be another sequel". In the movie Sunny Deol and Bipasha Basu were in the lead role.
    Ghayal Returns is catching a lot more attentions due to release of the promo in 2011. The promo were released with the Salman Khan's Ready.It's is expected that Ghayal Return will follow the story after the sunny deol return out from the Jail. Read more

be updated with us for the release date and updated news for the movie.
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Kahaani bollywood film 2012 - Vidya Balan (A Mother of a Story)

Kahaani is an forthcoming bollywood thriller film 2012. After making a remarkable appearance in the "The Diry Picture" Vidya Balan is playing a role of a Pregnant lady  who is in a search of her husband and father of her unborn child.During the search she will travel all the way from London to Kolkata.She arrives in Kolkata from London for her missing husband with seven month unborn child. The movie is directed by Sujoy Ghosh.The film is scheduled to release on 09 March, 2012.

    In the movie Vidya Balan, Emraan Hashmi and Parambrata Chatterjee were in the lead roles.The film Kahaani resembles the Hollywood movie " Deception " with few changes in the script.

Vidya Balan
Theatrical Preview

Details for the movie

Vidya Balan..... Vidya Bagchi
Parambrata Chatterjee
Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Emraan Hashmi

Story by:- Sujoy Ghosh

Music by:- Vishal Shekhar

Editing by:- Namrata Rao
Distibuted by :- Pen India Pvt Ltd.
Release Date :- March 9, 2012

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Blood Money film 2012 - " Success always comes with Price Tag "

Friday, 20 January 2012

The skilled actor known for it's talented acting and long curly hairs, Kunal Khemu is back this year with one of his sensational movie "Blood Money".The movie is a sensational thriller drama.In the movie Kunal Khemu as (Kunal Kadam) and Amrita Puri as Arzoo were in the lead role.The movie is directed by Vishal Mahadkar along with producer Mahesh Bhatt.
Amrita Puri

Kunal Khemu as Kunal Kadam
Amrita Puri as Arzoo
Manish Choudhary
Shekher Shukla

Story for the movie Blood Money is written by Upendra Sidhye and Dialogue were from Sanjay Masoom.Music for the film is from Jeet Ganguly, Sangeet haldipur and Siddharth Haldipur.

The story of the movie is about a youngster who gets everywhing he desires in his life, his dream home, his dream job, his dream girl. But one Situation turns his life forever and sits somewhere in his mind that "Success always comes with Price Tag".

Kunla Khemu & Amrita Puri

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Karishma Kapoor in Dangerous Ishq - Playing a Challenging Action Role

Karishma Looks leaked for Dangerous Ishq
Karisma Kapoor's forth coming movie is "Dangerous Ishq". The film is directed by Vikram Bhatt.and is expected to release on May 11, 2012. In 2011, Karishma Kapoor announced that she will be returning to movies in a 3D titled film Dangerous Ishq with Vikram Bhatt.

Cast for the Movei Dangerous Ishq

Karishma Kapoor
Divya Dutta
Rajneesh Dugga
Jimmy Shergill
Ruslaan Mumtaz

The movie is written by Amin Haji in which Karishma will play five different role.It's been said that Karishma is playing a challenging action role in the movie for the very first time.Thought the Director Vikram doesn't talk much about it, but it's quite clear from his words.

Vikram Bhatt Said

"Karisma has always been a very hard-working and capable actress. But in terms of challenges posed to her performing abilities, I feel there have been not too many golden opportunities. I feel this is the right time for Karisma to do Dangerous Ishq. It takes her to a new level as an actor."
(grabbed from hindustan times interview)

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